Ann O’Brien

86568e65d504459b8e09ce65226f0b58Title: General Manager of Human Resources for Europe

Company: Travelers Management Ltd.

Location: London

As general manager of human resources for Europe for Travelers Management Ltd., Ann O’Brien brings to her field valuable expertise in human resources, strategic and organizational integration, performance management and coaching, re-engineering, and change management. She attributes her professional success to her tenacity and ability to anticipate the needs of her clientele. Dividing her professional time between London and Dublin locations, Ms. O’Brien is seasoned in incorporating organizational objectives into human resources strategies and managing an effective team, responsible for managing talent strategies and human resources policy.

Ms. O’Brien became involved in her profession when an opportunity arose to work as a personal assistant for a new human resources director. While working full-time in this position, she returned to university to obtain the necessary qualifications to thrive in her new career. Educationally-enthused, Ms. O’Brien earned a Master of Arts in human resource management and industrial relations from the University of Hertfordshire in 1998. She has also earned a postgraduate diploma in personnel management from De Montfont University and diplomas in employment law and finance law from the Law Society of Ireland.

Before rising to her current position, Ms. O’Brien worked for Travelers as a human resources manager and human resources director. She also has experience as a human resources manager for Honeywell Iropharm Ltd. and in several roles for IBC Vehicles, Ltd. Enthusiastic about her career and driven by results, Ms. O’Brien is affiliated with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and the Mercer Vangard Diversity Forum. In the future, she hopes to gain new industry knowledge.

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