Kathryn A. Seabolt

TDuB7qxiTitle: 1) Professional Facilitator, 2) Trainer

Company: 1) Georgia State University, 2) Center for Study of Social Policy

Location: Hampton, Ga.

With professional strengths in facilitation and training, Kathryn Seabolt continues to made strides in the fields of social policy and human welfare. Drawing upon a career spanning 42 years, Ms. Seabolt is currently a professional facilitator for Georgia State University as well as a trainer for Georgia’s Center for the Study of Social Policy. She attributes her success in these positions to her love of the work and the professional connections she has established throughout her career.

Ms. Seabolt became involved in her profession because of her passion for social issues. Influenced by her neighbors to go back to school, she earned a master’s degree in adult education, a Bachelor of Arts in sociology and psychology and a Georgia State University Certification in early childhood education. She currently utilizes her academic background by providing Georgia State University with curriculum writing, system reform and the implementation of evidence-based practices. Ms. Seabolt also utilizes her considerable background at the Center for the Study of Social Policy, where she teaches front-line workers about the art and science of the best social policy practices and works directly with families and communities in order to further community well-being.

As her career continues, Ms. Seabolt hopes to learn new things, teach and bring positive change into the world. She pursues her humanitarian goals in her personal endeavors as well as her professional ones; she is a member of her local ecumenical homeless and battered women’s shelters, the Clayton County Division of Family and Children Services Office and the welfare-to-work statewide program. In recognition of her compassionate contributions, she has been named employee of the year by Georgia’s Department of Human Services and has received an award from the Association for Battered Women. Ms. Seabolt also takes time to participate in informative puppet shows for children, through which she highlights signs of abuse and neglect.

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