Mary Jean Greco

jeanTitle: President

Company: Columbia County Volunteers In Medicine

Location: Danville, Penn.

As a dynamic salesperson with a great personality, Jean Greco has efficiently served as the president and founding member of Columbia County Volunteers in Medicine Clinic, Inc., a free health clinic located in Mifflinville, Pa. Since 2006, the medical center has offered health care for uninsured residents of Lower Luzerne County, and Columbia and Montour Counties. With a staff comprised purely of volunteers, the clinic has been responsible for diagnosing more than 40 cases of cancer, treating more than 1,500 patients, and treating patients with diabetes and high blood pressure.

Ms. Greco’s executive responsibilities include handling the staffing and recruiting of physicians and other health care professionals. Additionally, she oversees fundraising and media outreach, as well as spreads the word about the clinic in order to receive state and federal support. Ms. Greco has gotten bills passed, been appointed by Congress and has written policies, among other successes. She also spent 21 years on the Democratic State Committee, which has aided her in her current ventures.

Despite Ms. Greco’s success in various industries, she admits that, as a professional woman, she has faced some challenges based on her gender. “My biggest challenge was trying to be [like] a man and to be one of the ‘good ol’ boys,’” she states. Rather than becoming discouraged, Ms. Greco pushed beyond her obstacles and created a name for herself.

In the years to come, Ms. Greco hopes to become more of a visionary. She would like to become an accountant, and she is currently training on new computer skills. In addition to her work with the health care center, she is also an auditor with Auditor General of Pennsylvania, a position she started in 2014.

As a busy professional with many responsibilities, Ms. Greco simply would like to be known as someone who loves to give back.

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