Cheryl Ewalt

indexTitle: Teacher, Chairwoman within the Department of Special Education

Company: Clark County School District

Location: Las Vegas, NV

With proven expertise in educating students with special needs, Cheryl Ewalt has spent the last decade as the chairwoman and teacher of the Department of Special Education at Clark County School District in Nevada. She teaches students ranging from sixth to eight grade.

Attributing her success to her education and the support she receives from her colleagues, Ms. Ewalt laid the foundation for her career by earning a Bachelor of Science in special education and a Master of Education in special education from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She is also in pursuit of her certification in special education. As she truly finds the work rewarding, Ms. Ewalt notes that the highlight of her career thus far was attaining her current position as a teacher with the Clark County School District. “I love the work,” she says. “I find it rewarding to help the children have a voice because some children with disabilities don’t have a voice.” She is an advocate for education, believing that children must constantly keep learning.

Prior to her vocation as a teacher, Ms. Ewalt served at Okinawa for the United States Air Force from 1986 to 1991. Additionally, she has served in Germany and Philippines. Her work with the U.S. Air Force granted her the rank of sergeant.

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