Lamiaa El Fassi

CAM00023_crop-140x150Title: Assistant Professor

Company: Mississippi State University

Location: Sparksville, Miss.

Assistant professor Lamiaa El Fassi continues her career in higher education at Mississippi State University because of her interest in physics and desire to conduct research. She prepared for her career by getting a Ph.D. in physics, while overcoming her biggest challenge of the competitive nature in the field. Dr. El Fassi’s greatest strength is her research skills and ability.

Dr. El Fassi’s greatest accomplishment to date was getting into her current position, and her professional goal is to continue to teach and conduct extensive research. She had an amazing mentors and teachers that inspired and helped her get the position she is in today. Dr. El Fassi most wants to be remembered for her reputation as a great professor and researcher.

Dr. El Fassi participates in APS,  DNP, GHP, DPF, AWIS, Hall-A and Hall-B collaborations at Jefferson Laboratory, Newport News, VA and E906/SeaQuest collaboration at Fermi National Laboratory, Batavia, IL. During her free-time, she enjoys reading and shopping.

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