Patti Falconer

imported_member_thumbnail_46368-140x150Title: President

Company: Patti Falconer Agencies

Location: Calgary, Alberta

President of Patti Falconer Agencies, Patti Falconer thrives on the love she has for the talent industry and the love she has for the individuals she helps. She draws from her experiences traveling as a model throughout Canada and the U.S. and wanted to do more within the industry and help others achieve their dreams, so she began her company. Ms. Falconer’s greatest challenge is opening a talent agency in Calgary.She always had a love for the industry.

Ms. Falconer is a born teacher, so she loves to instruct people and teach them how to succeed in the industry. Her goal in this professional arena is to see models more representative of typical body types. She would like to be remembered as an individual who made a huge career for herself and helped many people achieve their dreams. Eventually, Ms. Falconer would like to go into politics.

In 2000, Ms. Falconer was nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year, and she has received the Great Albertan Award. She has also been honored by Professional Who’s Who for several years. She keeps abreast of changes in her career through her membership with the Better Business Bureau, and supports the Cancer Society, MS Society, and Missing Children Organization. Ms. Falconer’s greatest accomplishments are her two sons.


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