Angelica Drum

Angelica-profile-ear-small-140x150Title: Doctor of Chinese Medicine

Company: Drum Acupuncture Center

Location: El Dorado Hills, Calif.

As a doctor of Chinese medicine for 13 years, Angelica Drum continues to provide her services and expertise within the Drum Acupuncture Center. She has her license, her Bachelor’s Degree in Pre Med, her Master’s Degree in Chinese Medicine and her Doctorate in Integrative Family Health and Pain Management. She just started her Doctoral Fellowship at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Ms Drum’s greatest accomplishment is completing her first doctorate and now she is pursuing her second doctorate in Evidence Based Medicine.

Ms. Drum’s biggest challenge is sustaining self employment, whilst her strength is in healing and patient care. Overall, she would like to have Chinese medicine become part of the current western medical model. Her goal is to contract more in the evidence based medicine research and making it mainstream. Ms. Drum would like to be remembered for her perseverance in spite of the obstacles she faced.

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