Brenda Swanson

o_18p4q5br7irs2hd7mn1ka112nupTitle: Designer, Creator, Lifestyle Coach, Yoga Instructor

Location: Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Brenda Swanson demonstrates 35 years of excellence and experience as a lifestyle coach and yoga instructor. Through her personal blog, she provides beauty and dieting advice, as well as branding and marketing services for health, wellness and lifestyle companies located in California. Dedicated to physical fitness and mental health, Ms. Swanson offers her tips and tricks to yoga, weight lifting and meditation.

Ms. Swanson’s journey toward a healthy lifestyle began when she left home at 17 years old to pursue modeling on an international scale. The newfound responsibility forced her to take care of herself, and she did so by changing her eating habits. A passionate and dedicated individual, Ms. Swanson pursued a modeling career with vigor and quickly became the face of Giorgio Armani’s Emporio Line. During this time, she lived in Italy for five years, where she modeled, taught yoga and immersed herself in a healthy lifestyle. Ms. Swanson has also graced the cover of the world-renowned magazine Shape, as well as a billboard on the Sunset Strip. Additionally, her career steered in the direction of film, and she performed in roles on Miami Vice and Skin Deep.

Attributing her success to her commitment and belief in a healthy lifestyle, Ms. Swanson truly became involved in lifestyle coaching and health education after holding events for Showtime and running a restaurant. Prior to this, she dabbled in teaching celebrities exercise and healthy eating tips in order to prepare them for red carpet events or magazine shoots. Ms. Swanson is dedicated to helping others change their life in a positive, meaningful way.

In order to sharpen her skills and obtain the best methods, Ms. Swanson has received training in anatomy, sculpting, restoration, yoga, hot yoga and chakra. She has also completed coursework in inversion, as well as level one and level two core power yoga programs. A fully qualified and licensed instructor, Ms. Swanson has taught both private and group retreats in Florence and Sardinia, Italy, as well as Palm Beach, Fla., and Los Angeles, Calif.

As her father is Bob Swanson, the founder of the Bob Swanson Give a Life Foundation, Ms. Swanson was raised with the morals of being kind and giving toward others. Aside from her father’s foundation, she supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The advice Ms. Swanson often offers to the younger generation of women entering the workforce is: “Drink two glasses of ice-cold water first thing in the morning, take oil supplements daily, and eat as raw, clean and organic as possible.”

Looking ahead, Ms. Swanson intends to continue along the same path of success and help even more people embrace healthier lifestyles.

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