Cheryl Zharnest

indexTitle: Senior Vice President

Company: CRC Insurance Services, Inc.

Location: Forest Hills. N.Y.

Cheryl Zharnest displays nearly three decades of experience in the insurance industry, spending the past seven years as the senior vice president of CRC Insurance Services, Inc. With 24 offices across the United States, the brokerage firm provides insurance services including environmental, personal, and professional and financial, among others.

Demonstrating expertise in product liability, construction and real estate, Ms. Zharnest develops new business programs, delivers wholesale insurance and product knowledge in life sciences, and manages real estate business. She holds licenses in accident and health care insurance, as well as property and casualty insurance.

Ms. Zharnest became involved in the insurance sector because she believes that a profession in such an industry would provide her with challenges. After earning an associate degree in business management from Queensborough Community College, she went on to complete coursework at the College of Insurance. She continues to sharpen her skills through membership with the International Risk Management Institute, Inc.

Believing her achievements to stem from her perseverance and listening skills, Ms. Zharnest hopes to continue her success for years to come. She plans to expand her client base and continue to produce innovative products.

For more information about CRC Insurance Service, Inc., please visit

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