Patricia St. Louis

b41832a879b941bf98d8dd814c92b764Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: The Mustard Seed Empire

Location: Brooklyn, N.Y.

For the past eight years, Patricia St. Louis has served as the chief executive officer of The Mustard Seed Empire, a distribution company that provides beauty and fashion products. With more than three decades of overall experience, Ms. St. Louis has honed her skills in various hair extension techniques.

Having invented more than five hair extension techniques, Ms. St. Louis offers her clients extension and hair-weaving techniques that do not use glue, braids fusion or lace-fronts. In addition, she has invented natural oil for the skin and hair, called the Universal Glory Serum. The organic serum offers approximately 65 all natural ingredients to aid in hair growth and healthy skin.

Attributing her success to her strong belief in God, Ms. St. Louis pursued a career in cosmetology because of her desire to help bring out the beauty in all women. “Beauty is extremely important in how women feel about themselves,” she states. “I take the beauty that is inside of them and bring it to the outside. I’ve learned the miracles of beauty, and what the transformation does to your heart and mind.” As a business woman and global presence, Ms. St. Louis maintains that understanding people, having integrity and values, and being compassionate are the keys to a successful career.

A licensed cosmetologist, Ms. St. Louis utilizes her services in salons across Brooklyn and Manhattan, including Artistic Hair Studio and Le’Energie Salon.

Ms. St. Louis enjoys being an active participant in her community, supporting the Brooklyn Tabernacle, the Hospitality Ministry and other local charitable organizations.

As a woman in today’s world, Ms. St. Louis attributes her success to her relationship with God, implementing it in her life and a strong relationship with her family, living a clean life, and trying to understand people with compassion. Her advice to young professionals entering the field is to listen to their parents, and learn the importance of love, as it will never fail.

In the years to come, Ms. St. Louis hopes to build her business and help women realize their beauty potential. Starting in September 2015, she will have her own private room at the Capelli D’Oro Salon.

For more information about Ms. St. Louis, please visit and

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