Denise Blevins

26d001646b844e8092069ba22d19df1aTitle: Resource Family Development Specialist (Retired)

Company: Latah County, Idaho

Location: Moscow, Idaho

Celebrating 30 years within the family development services field, Denise Blevins humbly retires, having spent the second half of her career as a resource family development specialist for the Latah Country youth services department. As a foster home recruitment, training, licensure and recertification provider, she served the county with her expertise in juvenile justice, foster parent recruitment, education and licensing. Throughout her work-week, Ms. Blevins would conduct background checks and home-study programs, and verify the eligibility of potential foster parents.

The most gratifying aspect of Ms. Blevins’ career is ensuring that children find safe homes. In 1994 and 2009, she was awarded Line Worker of the Year by the Idaho Juvenile Justice Association. Before working for Latah County, she was a social worker for the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare for three years. In five years, Ms. Blevins intends to pursue a master’s degree and become a supervisor.

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