Beverley Berdine

540da089ee944456bba965473bd767adTitle: President

Company: B Squared and Associates

Location: Tampa, Fla.

Through hard work, natural leadership skills and professional flexibility, Beverley Berdine continues in her second year as president at B Squared and Associates. Wielding 25 years of business development, consulting, and staffing expertise, she continues to garner season experience working for B Squared and Associates, providing relationship development, strategic solutions, and broad and functional knowledge to the team. Holding positions in general management, operations, supply chain and operational fluidity, Ms. Berdine helps define long-term organizational strategic goals to maintain upward mobility of the manufacturer’s progress.

Initially, Ms. Berdine became involved in her profession after gaining experience as an educator and then pursuing an MBA to change careers with the goal of working for an international corporation. Upon graduating from Stetson University with a n MBA in 1982, she now knows how to professionally build key customer relationships, identify business opportunities, negotiate and close business deals, and maintain extensive knowledge of current marketing conditions. To keep abreast of changes in her profession, Ms. Berdine holds memberships with the Aerospace Industries Association, The Air Force Association, Association of Old Crows, Women in Defense, Association of the United States Army, National Defense Industrial Association, and AFCEA International.

Ms. Berdine has one grandson named Evan. During her free-time, she supports the local animal rescue and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In five years, Ms. Berdine will continue working as an entrepreneur in her newly formed woman-owned business.


  1. What advice would you give to young females in the workplace?

Always dress and act professionally.  Make sure you  pay attention to details in your work, your interaction with colleagues as well as your personal appearance.  Think of every task you are assigned as a stepping stone and complete it on time and to perfection.  Never say no to an assignment or opportunity that is outside your comfort zone.  Take it on (even if it requires extra hours) and use the opportunity to learn and broaden your professional base.  Network, Network, Network!  Never miss an opportunity to meet or work with someone new and be sure you listen and learn something from all.  Treat everyone with respect it doesn’t matter if it is the manager to whom you report, your manager’s boss, or colleagues, your direct reports or someone you meet outside of work.  They will remember you and growth on all levels will come from those relationships.  Smile and be positive.  Do not succumb to office gossip.  Always be looking for and presenting solutions not problems.  Gladly take every opportunity to mentor or be mentored.  I would give the same  advice to all young professionals.  There is no reason for it to be different for young men or young women.

  1. Recommended associations to join:

Choose one or two that are related to your industry and become an active, contributing member.  Also pick a community or charitable organization that matches your passion.  Again. active involvement is the key.  You will learn more about your industry from the professional organizations and you will be humbled and satisfied by activities in a charitable organization.

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