Maria Fager Hohenthal

bf879894798449a89d8c0ae60800ae17Title: Advocate

Company: Advokatbyrå Fager Hohenthal Juridiska AB

Location: Enköping, Sweden

Celebrating her first year at Fager Hohenthal Juridik, Maria Fager Hohenthal provides 18 years of legal services and consulting expertise. As a human rights, family, and criminal law practice, Fager Hohenthal Juridik relies on Ms. Fager Hohenthal to work closely with clients, and defend them in domestic violence and child abuse cases. Her greatest accomplishment was when she received her advocate.

Ms. Fager Hohenthal received a Master’s Degree in law from Stockholm University. She attributes her success to being honest, upfront and open to new ideas. She also credits treating everyone equally. Initially, Ms. Fager Hohenthal became involved in her profession because she has a strong sense of justice and a passion for women and children’s rights.

Since becoming a legal professional, Ms. Fager Hohenthal has become a member of the 1.6 Million Club of Sweden, and featured on the front cover of Pro-Files Magazine. She is also a member of the Rotary International and Women’s Shelter Association. In five years, Ms. Fager Hohenthal plans to expand her law firm in Sweden and have at least five lawyers work for her.

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