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Linda Jane Roberts

Title: Director Company: Crystal Light Press Location: Panama City, FL United States Linda Roberts is a British writer, reporter and analyzer of anti-slavery, human rights and religious and political issues. She uses Crystal Light Press to release newsletters, books and letters … Continue reading

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Cherie Medina

Title: Senior Probation Officer Company: Riverside County Probation Location: Murrieta, CA United States Cherie Medina loves people, and believes that, with a little hope and faith, anyone can change. That’s why she has spent the past 16 years serving as a probation … Continue reading

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Elaine Adevai

Title: Executive Director Company: New Vista for Families, Inc. Location: Staten Island, NY United States With more than three decades of experience in psychology, Elaine Adevai is an expert on individual and group counseling and educational administration. A licensed psychologist, … Continue reading

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Erin Bernhardt

Title: President, Chief Executive Officer Company: Inspire, Inc. Location: Phoenix, AZ Celebrating her first year as president and chief executive officer of Inspire, Inc., Erin Bernhardt brings years of seasoned human relations services to the individual and family services organization. … Continue reading

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Antonia Ferguson

Title: Executive Director Company: Consumer Advisory Board for the Willowbrook Class Location: Summit, N.J. Celebrating her 10th year as executive director of Consumer Advisory Board for the Willowbrook Class, Antonia Ferguson continues to garner 25 years of expertise in advoccy … Continue reading

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