Iris Esquilin

0c1a854d622f464a9a3c9afa7e4dc89aTitle: Instructional Systems Specialist within the Training Division

Company: FBI Academy

Location: Stafford, Va.

Ms. Esquilin is a professional woman who has served and continues to serve her country honorably in the U.S. Marine Corps. She was deployed in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom for eight months and supervised seven Marines. She attributes her success to God, her children and excellent mentors, and to her mother for being a strong, moral woman. She also credits her military discipline, spiritual upbringing and determination. Initially, Ms. Esquilin became involved in her profession to finance her education. She grew up poverty stricken, so she joined the military. After her divorce, her children inspired her to want the best for them and take care of them.

The highlight of Ms. Esquilin’s career was a successful tour of duty overseas in Iraq and the accomplishment of bringing Marines home safe to their families. She is currently earning a Ph.D in law and public policy from Walden University, having already received a Master of Arts in human resources management and managerial leadership from Webster University. In five years, Ms. Esquilin plans to complete her degree. She also intends to retire from the military and pursue a career with the U.S. Department of Labor, and subsequently become involved in public administration and policy.

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