Carla Luig

servicesTitle: President, Chief Executive Officer

Company: First Choice Transport

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Weidling 24 years of operations management and logistics, Calra Luig rolls on as president and chief executive officer at First Choice Transport. As a transportation and trucking company, First Choice Transport relies on her leadership to provide transportation of goods and trucking and brokerage service to 42 additional states, as well cross-dock, partial load, consolidation, warehousing, and multi-stop services. In the coming years, Ms. Luig seeks continued growth for her company.

Throughout her work-week, Ms. Luig oversees the operations of the company, including growing the firm from two employees to 19, from three owner-operator trucks to 115, and from zero to 250 trailers. Initially, her career began when she learned about transportation logistics and operations while in the military, and then worked for Zenith Electronics Dispatching in transportation operations. There, Ms. Luig ran the company’s fleet of trucks.

Ms. Luig believes her success stems from letting people do their jobs, having an open door policy, and having fun in an otherwise stressful business. In fact, her success has been so well received, she earned a spit on the Great Women of Texas list. During her free-time, she supports Reagan’s Wish Foundation and Various Other Charitable Organizations.

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