Geri Mankoff-Elias

kate-spadeTitle: Vice President of Intellectual Property Council

Company: Kate Spade & Company

Location: Mineola, N.Y.

Attributing her success to passion, motivation and hard work, Geri Mankoff-Elias continues in her 14th year at the fashion design, distributor and licensor, Kate Spade & Company. Currently as vice president of intellectual property council, she works with 150 licensees, drafts licenses and intellectual property, manages three reports of international trademarks, and reviews all marketing and social media policies. Wielding a JD in law from Nova Southeastern University, she took this position at Kate Spade & Company because she has always been attracted to intellectual property,knew that she either wanted to go into fashion or entertainment, and found that her education in law would prove useful.

Ms. Mankoff-Elias has been a speaker at numerous International Trademark Association annual meetings and leadership meetings on various topics, that include green marketing, licensing, social media and anti-counterfeiting. As a woman in today’s world what has contributed to Geri’s success is her drive, motivation, and passion for what she does. The advice she would give the younger generation of women entering the workforce is that no one is entitled to anything to achieve success. You have to work hard, be dedicated, and be passionate. In five years, Ms. Mankoff-Elias hopes to continue to excel in the industry.

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