Kathryn E. Ewart

how-to-become-a-legal-secretary.WidePlayerTitle: Legal Secretary

Location: New York

Through her vast legal knowledge and schedule flexibility, Kathryn Ewart continues to find her success in the judicial arena. For 33 years, she has built up seasoned experience in litigation and trial preparation, currently residing in Long Island, New York. In five years, Ms. Ewart hopes to work for a judge.

Initially, Ms. Ewart became involved in her profession after finding an opportunity to work as a legal secretary for a top employment lawyer, while working in promotion sales in 1987. Now, during her work-week, she assists several lawyers and the managing clerk for the New York office of an international law firm, and oversees administrative work.

Ms. Ewart received a Certification in Secretarial Studies and Certification in Intensive Secretarial Studies through The Berkeley School. During her free-time, she holds memberships with organizations, such as Friends of Connetquot State Park. Previously, Ms. Ewart was the secretary of East Islip Community Chamber, and is the former president and recording secretary of East Islip Historical Society.

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