Yvonne Acey

e95d519d4f894418b8711c224633c0d5Title: Associate Director

Company: The Africa In April Festival, Inc.

Location: Memphis, Tenn.

Celebrating 25 years helping host the African Festival, Yvonne Acey continues today as The Africa In April Festival, Inc.’s associate direction, providing her seasoned experience in the event’s communications and international relationship development. As a provider of African cultural awarness and education, The Africa In April Festival, Inc. relies on her planning, marketing, networking, public relations management, grant writing, and general expertise in festival preparedness to bring in a large group of people. Ms. Acey believes she is successful in these facets due to her undying determination to succeed and ability to work well with all people.

Ms. Acey was a political delegate for the last two presidential Democratic National Conventions. She became involved in public relations because she wanted to create awareness of the cultural and educational aspects of Africa. Outside of The Africa In April Festival, Inc., she also is chairwoman within the board of directors for Mountain Pacific Association of Colleges and Employers and is a member through the Memphis Education Association. In five years, Ms. Acey hopes to complete a doctorate and work with educators in the local, state and international community.


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