Carmen Vitton

6d940593730446728d9702df965982aeTitle: Chief Operating Officer

Company: Rehab Synergies

Location: Arlington, Texas

Having delivered 27 years of communications in the speech language pathology and audiology field, Carmen Vitton continues in her fourth year as chief operating officer of Rehab Synergies. As an in-house therapy provider, Rehab Synergies relies on her expertise in dysphagia, swallowing disorders, and materials, products and services for patients whose primary language is Spanish. There, throughout her work-week, she oversees the clinical programming and departmental operations of the facilities through direction and guidance. Through these processes, Ms. Vitton also manages five regional directors and three discipline-specific clinical liaisons, while working closely with health care administrators.

The most rewarding aspect of Ms. Vitton’s career has been to give back to the profession through clinical education, operational training and support. Her highlights thus far include creating Rehab Synergies from the ground-up and watching the company grow to a team of over 500 therapists, along with developing MannaQure. Initially, she became involved in her profession because, as a lifelong physical therapy patient herself, she wanted to become involved in the field to help others overcome barriers to function. She became a Speech- Language Pathologist and progressed to her current role gradually. In five years, Ms. Vitton hopes to help therapists be able to treat patients whose primarily language is different than their own.

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