Cindy Talbert-Sterne

UntitledTitle: Senior Speech Pathologist

Company: Signature Health Care

Location: Evansville, Ind.

Wielding 35 years of expertise in health care, Cindy Talber-Sterne continues in her 12th year as senior speech pathologist at Signature Health Care. There, she provides the hospital with expertise in treatment of cerebrovascular disease, traumatic brain injuries, and dysphagia and voice rehabilitation. In five years, Ms. Talbert-Sterne hopes to become a certified stroke expert.

Throughout her work-week, Ms. Talbert-Sterne treats patients affected by cerebral vascular accidents, neurological degenerative disease, Parkinson’s disease and swallowing problems. She attributes her success to her education and experience. She also attributes it to her mother. Initially, Ms. Talbert-Sterne became involved in her profession because of her passion for the health care field.

Ms. Talbert-Sterne began her educational pursuits in 1974, earning a bachelor’s degree in speech-language pathology from Southern Illinois University, following up with a master’s degree at the same university within the two years after. She has also earned Outstanding District Lieutenant Governor and the Distinguished President’s Award thought Civitan International. During her free-time, Ms. Talbert-Sterne supports Habitat for Humanity International, Heifer International, Susan G. Komen, Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana, and the local church.

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