Jean Musselman

Title: Tax Preparer, Level V Senior Tax Advisor
Company: H&R Block
Location: Billings, MT United States

With persistence and focus, Jean Musselman has proudly served H&R Block for 33 years. She loves the fact that the job allows her to meet a lot of new people because it makes each day interesting and fresh. In her current role, Ms. Musselman’s responsibilities include assisting new and prospective clients and teaching advanced programs, such as business schedules, farm schedules, schedules C’s and international schedules. She attributes her success and longevity to her ability to listen and work well with clients.

Initially, Ms. Musselman became involved in her profession because she needed a job, and since she had been doing her own taxes since college, it seemed like a natural fit. She proceeded to complete a 13-week training program with H&R Block, and to keep on top of changes in her field and community, she attends the annual CBT computer classes, as well as advanced instructor training courses. Now known as an expert in state and business tax preparation and Canadian taxes, she was honored for her outstanding efforts in the field with the Most Valuable Professional Award from H&R Block.

Prior to her services in the tax industry, Ms. Musselman was heavily involved in plant pathology and botany. She is noted for discovering a new species of plant, the Penstemon Flowersii, in 1961, and a year later, she earned a bachelor’s degree in botany from Utah State University. She continued on to earn a master’s degree in plant pathology from Utah State University in 1964, and although her career path has diverged since then, she remains involved with the Utah Plant Society. Looking to the future, Ms. Musselman hopes to grow in both fields.

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