Katrina West

west-katrinaTitle: Owner
Company: 1) Kat’s Art and Daycare 2) Katrina’s Debt Relief, Inc.
Location: Fort Dodge, IA United States

After years of professional excellence, Katrina West has garnered a stellar reputation for her availability, reliability, trustworthiness, hard work, and great ideas. She carries those traits with her as she heads Katrina’s Debt Relief, Inc., and Kat’s Art and Daycare, and considers them the catalyst for her success. Ms. West started the former company because of her own journey with debt and her desire to help others in similar situations, and the latter after she saw a need for around-the-clock child care services. Since then, she has remained committed to growing her businesses and providing the best possible service for her clients. In her role with Kat’s Art and Daycare, she uses her expertise in hand-drawn portraiture to teach art to the children she oversees.

Ms. West prepared for her endeavors by completing postgraduate coursework, earning a Bachelor of Arts in history from Buena Vista University, and becoming certified in child care in the state of Iowa. When she isn’t working, she enjoys using her skills as a volunteer mural painter for local churches.

Looking to the future, Ms. West hopes to expand her day care center and accommodate more children. She would also like to have her artwork more recognized.

Contact Katrina West:

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