Dianne Stetler

stetler-dianeTitle: Co-Owner
Company: R-Bar-D Stables LLC
Location: Green Springs, OH United States

R-Bar-D Stables LLC is an Ohio-based tack and village store that provides horse supplies and apparel and other general items, including handmade belts, spur straps and dog leashes and collars to its customers. It is owned by Dianne Stetler and her husband, Richard, who has been in the horseshoe business for nearly 60 years. As co-owner, Ms. Stetler is responsible for overseeing all operations of the retail store, assisting employees, ordering supplies and handling the operations for the mobile unit. Additionally, she also attends a number of horse shows, flea markets, clinics, and events.

Renowned as experts in equine health care management, Ms. Stetler and her husband have experience raising and breeding championship horses, some of which they sold to other families. Each horse they raise, however, maintains a special place in Ms. Stetler’s heart. Her passion for horses and equine care has resulted in induction into the Northern Ohio Draft Pony Association’s Hall of Fame. She is also a member of the Clyde Small Business Association and the American Farrier’s Association.

Ms. Stetler loves what she does because it allows her to spend quality time with her husband, and she is looking forward to expanding the business in the near future.


Contact Dianne Stetler:

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