Cynthia Ferrara-Elstien

ferrara-elstein-cynthiaTitle: Senior Vice President, Director of Human Resources
Company: Alper Services, LLC
Location:  Chicago, IL United States

Passionate about helping people grow in their careers, Cynthia Ferrara-Elstien gets to do just that in her current position as the senior vice president and director of human resources for Alper Services, LLC. The insurance services company is an industry leader that helps its clients protect their assets, reduce liabilities, and increase profitability. With 35 years of experience under her belt, her strengths are hiring and recruiting talent and implementing standards for performance management. She also educates clients in the area of human resources’ “best” standards of practice by evaluating existing policies and procedures, and making recommendations to help companies maintain compliance with federal and state laws.

To prepare for her endeavors, Ms. Ferrara-Elstien completed college coursework in psychology, and received a human resources certification from DePaul University. She also participated in a strategic coach series program from 2002 to 2004. In January 2000, she founded her own HR consulting business, CFE Consulting, Inc, while also working for Alper Services.

The greatest accomplishment of Ms. Ferrara-Elstien’s career so far was implementing a wellness program at Alper Services, which won her the 2010 Silver Award from the Society for Human Resource Management. She is also proud of the work she did mentoring women at mid-level management. Every day, she is inspired by the work she does to help people, and watching them grow in their careers and become successful. She wants to be remembered as a professional and a leader who was always going above and beyond to motivate and assist her colleagues and the community.

Moving forward, Ms. Ferrara-Elstien wants to continue acquiring the high level of talent that is needed to grow the business. She is a board member of the Illinois State Council of the Society for Human Resource Management, as well as a member of the National Association of Professional Women and The International Women’s Leadership Association. She is also a volunteer mentor for Menttium 100 and Immerman’s Angels.

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