Nikki Arora

arora-nikkiTitle: Corporate Marketing Officer
Company: UST Global Inc
Location: Anaheim Hills, CA United States

Initially, Nikki Arora’s career started as a recruiter, although she eventually advanced to being a global head for talent acquisition, and is now the corporate marketing officer for UST Global Inc. Over her 20-year professional journey, she has developed and honed her skills in marketing and branding, as well as her ability to simplify solutions and design, develop and implement systems that result in a number of successful business outcomes.

Ms. Arora has a degree in commerce from GLS, India, and technical management certifications from University of California, Los Angeles. She is skilled at establishing operational excellence within culturally diverse environments, and provides leadership through strategic planning and value-added services. In her current position, she has successfully elevated the UST Global brand by sponsoring, promoting and facilitating the strategic council, summits and events to discuss the company’s advancement and growth for human knowledge and human capital through technology and global innovation.

Ms. Arora is constantly being inspired by other women leaders, and she is looking forward to continuing to learn from her team. She also wants to attend more webinars, seminars, and marketing events.

Contact Nikki Arora:

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