Pastor Rebecca Mitchell

mitchell-rebeccaTitle: Pastor
Company: Franklin African Methodist Episcopal Church
Location: Vandalia, MI United States

Approximately 30 years ago, Rebecca Mitchell felt a calling to become a pastor. She took five years of classes to make her dream a reality, and is now a highly-regarded pastor for the Franklin African Methodist Episcopal Church.  When Ms. Mitchell started, she was the only female in a pastoral role; the first female bishop wasn’t elected until 2000. She believes she succeeded because of her ability to handle any situation and her propensity for speaking out about her beliefs. Ms. Mitchell was inspired to continue following her path by her desire to always do her very best; she hopes to be remembered as a role model to others.

When Ms. Mitchell isn’t serving her church, she is very involved in her community. She is a town trustee for Calvin Township, and supports charitable organizations like Feed the Poor, DAV, NAACP, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Ms. Mitchell is also a former board member of Sturgis Bank & Trust Company, and the former treasurer for the St. Joe County Rental Association. As a testament to her success, she received numerous awards throughout the years, including being named to the prestigious roster of The International Women’s Leadership Association. Despite these achievements, however, Ms. Mitchell considers her greatest to be raising five children as a single parent while never turning them away from their father.

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