Alicia Dowell, Th.D.

Title: Executive Pastor
Company: New Life Fellowship
Location: Lawton, OK United States

Twenty-two years ago, Alicia Dowell and her husband, Robert Dowell, founded New Life Fellowship to provide faith and prayer services to their community. As the executive pastor, Ms. Dowell enjoys teaching God’s people how to be leaders who operate in the spirit of excellence. She also teaches God’s people how to war on their own behalf with the word of God, praise and worship, and through powerful prayer.

Ms. Dowell prepared for her career by earning Bachelor of Arts in theology, a Master of Divinity, and doctorate from Minnesota Graduate School of Theology. She is also a certified life coach, and holds several certifications from the American Association of Christian Counselors.

Ms. Dowell’s greatest strength is her leadership skills, and she is very proud she has been able to keep the Fellowship thriving over the years. Every day, she is inspired by witnessing how lives can change for the better. Looking to the future, she hopes to receive a secular degree in psychology, and to be remembered as a caring and loving person.

Contact Alicia Dowell:

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