McKenzie Hunter

hunter-mckenzieTitle: Training and Quality Assurance Coordinator
Company: MasTec Advanced Technologies
Location: Euless, TX United States

Driven by her desire to be the best she can be in every situation, McKenzie Hunter is thriving in her career with MasTec Advanced Technologies. For the past two years, she has served the telecommunications company as a training and quality assurance coordinator at their AT&T Digital Life Security Branch, where she is on a career path she thoroughly enjoys. The job gives her the opportunity to both use the experience she gained in previous positions and acquire new skills so that she can continue to grow, making it the perfect fit for her personality and ambitions. Ms. Hunter aspires to one day be held to the same high standards as the female directors she works with and to achieve positions of magnitude. She believes MasTec is the catalyst for a lot of her successes thus far, and looks forward to her future with the company.

The biggest challenge Ms. Hunter has faced along her professional journey has been being a young woman in a male-dominated world, but she feels these obstacles have only made her stronger. She learned to articulate and have her voice heard, and gained increasing confidence in her abilities. Further, Ms. Hunter’s strong communication skills and ability to learn things quickly have proven to be extremely valuable assets. Looking to the future, she hopes to share her passion for the company with others employees and to become more involved with other facets of the business.

When Ms. Hunter isn’t pursuing her goals at MasTec, she loves to use her time to work toward a better world. She has volunteered as the chairperson of People with Disabilities for four years, and sets up events so people are able to serve. Ms. Hunter also supports the Susan G Komen Foundation and Ford Warriors Against Breast Cancer, as well as various anti-bullying programs. Bullied herself as a teenager in high school, she understands the importance of compassion and integrity, and is proud of her status as a survivor. Ms. Hunter hopes to help others achieve the same, and would like to be remembered for her service to people.

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