Alma J. Schmitt

schmitt-almaTitle: Poet
Company: Ms. Alma’s Poetry
Location: Sioux City, IA United States

With 36 years of experience, it is no wonder that Ms. Schmitt can write a poem on any topic. She believes that life is filled with priceless poetic moments; they are the most joyful, painful, perplexing, peaceful and humorous events humans experience in their lives. It is during these times that the most profound thoughts cross Ms. Schmitt’s mind, and she finds her insight and inspiration to write.

Because she is inspired by emotions and moments that everyone experiences, Ms. Schmitt’s poetry has garnered plenty of attention and recognition. She has had one poem published through, and was also awarded an Achievement Award from the website. Further, Ms. Schmitt has about 100 poems registered at the Library of Congress. A true poet, however, the highlight of her career was receiving the divine inspiration for her poem, “When God Called Love Into Existence.”

Ms. Schmitt attributes her many years of success to God, as she truly believes that through him all things are possible. It is through his Spirit that she finds her inspiration, and she is grateful that he developed her into a woman of integrity. In addition to being a poet, she is also an expert in human services and care giving. She was even honored by the governor for volunteering with families of Flight 232 victims, and was the first Black female to enlist in the 185th air refueling wing of the Iowa National Guard.

Outside of writing poetry, Ms. Schmitt’s other interests include designing jewelry, reading, emceeing, communicating with good people, and exercising.

Contact Alma Schmitt:

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