Dr. Sophia Lubin

Title: Medical Director, Owner
Company: Young Forever Aesthetics
Location: Brooklyn, NY United States

Following a long-time interest in women’s health, Dr. Sophia Lubin left her career as a teacher to return to medical school. After completing her residency, she opened Young Forever Aesthetics, which is dedicated to helping clients stay and feel more youthful through facial aesthetics, sexual wellness and body and hair rejuvenation. She is an expert in women’s health care and wellness and aesthetics, and offers a variety of services to her clients using nonsurgical and revolutionary rejuvenation techniques.

Dr. Lubin loves helping her clients stay and feel more youthful. Her greatest strength is her communication skills, and she also prides herself on the compassionate care she provides to her patients. Dr. Lubin wants to be remembered for helping women realize that they can be creative, healthy and successful. She also hopes to be remembered as a kind, compassionate, nonjudgmental human being, who had a passion for her own health and the health of others.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Dr. Lubin has also provided medical relief efforts in places like the Dominican Republic and Haiti, especially after the 2010 earthquake. Her work as a first responder even resulted in a NYC congressional award. She continues to return there to provide OB-GYN care.

Contact Dr. Sophia Lubin:

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