Dr. Ilona Anderson

anderson_ilonaTitle: Brand Partner
Company: Nerium International
Location: Bronx, NY United States

With four decades of experience in interpersonal, intercultural, and nonverbal communications and higher education, Ilona Anderson was looking for an alternative way of making a living when she came across Nerium International. She thought the company, which provides anti-aging and firming creams and other skin care products, would be the perfect fit for her, and she was right. For the past two years, she has thrived as a brand partner with the skin care and cosmetics company.

Along her professional journey, Dr. Anderson earned a Bachelor of Science in English education from New York University, a Master of Arts in the teaching of reading from Harvard University and master and doctoral degrees in speech communication from Columbia University. When she retired from teaching in 2013, she was given the title of professor emerita of communication at City University of New York and Bloomfield College.

Moving forward, Dr. Anderson sees herself supporting causes close to her heart, traveling and writing. She also loves inventing things, and is finally ready to partner with someone who can help her launch her ideas. Further, Dr. Anderson is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., participates in the Ambassador Program with Peak Potentials and is a prior board member of the Urban League.

Contact Dr. Ilona Anderson:

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