Annette Wilkie

Title: Platform Execution Lead
Company: Intel Corporation
Location: North Plains, OR United States

Initially, Annette Wilkie began her career when she started working in high-volume manufacturing as a packing engineer. Over the past 26, years, she has held a variety of roles that have resulted in becoming a results-oriented professional with a diverse background in what it takes to deliver complex products, clear requirements, design for cost, quality, manufacturing, supplier management and cross-functional leadership. She is currently using her many years of experience as the platform execution lead for Intel Corporation.

Ms. Wilkie prepared for her professional endeavors by receiving a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of North Dakota. Her greatest career accomplishment so far has been her challenging role at Intel. She had to lead the Task Force Environment in a technical area that was not her expertise, but she was able to step up and help participants see the big picture and move forward, and she received recognition for her success. Although she just started this position, Ms. Wilkie’s professional goal is to be the vice president of the company, or to at least be a valuable supplier of the vice president. In addition to working with Intel, she is also a member of the Society of Women Engineers.

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