Evelyn Sauer

sauer-evelynTitle: Swingbed Coordinator, Discharge Planner (Retired)
Company: Rice County District Hospital
Location: Ellsworth, KS United States

Evelyn Sauer has spent the past 44 years living her dream. She had wanted to be a part of the health care field since she was 5 years old, and after graduating with a diploma of nursing, she enjoyed a long and fruitful career in the hospital setting. Ms. Sauer’s most recent position was swingbed coordinator and discharge planner for Rice County District Hospital, where she was able to utilize her expertise in organization, social work and planning. She worked there for 13 years before finally retiring.

The most difficult challenge Ms. Sauer faced was the fact that, because she is disabled and uses a scooter, she found that people often looked down at her. She was inspired to succeed by serving God and letting his light shine through her, however. Looking forward, Ms. Sauer hopes to be remembered as a blessing to others.

When Ms. Sauer isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, who live with her, along with her daughter and son-in-law. She is also the secretary of the Polio Support Group, part of the board of directors for the Kansas Organization of Skilled Care Professionals, and a member of both Kiwanis International and The International Women’s Leadership Association. Further, Ms. Sauer supports her local church and a local foundation for prisoner rehabilitation.

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