Margaret Cicogna

Location: Rye, NY United States

Known to some as “The Cheese Lady,” Margaret Cicogna is renowned for her knowledge of cheese, particularly Italian cheese. She got her start in the industry after her cousin, who was a producer of Gorgonzola in Italy, persuaded her to help out by promoting and presenting specialty cheeses. Ms. Cicogna soon became passionate about the topic; Gorgonzola from Italy is different from anywhere else in the world because it is so smooth and creamy. Her work led to the import of many specialty cheeses into the U.S. market, many of which can still be found today.

Over the approximately 35 years she was in the profession, Ms. Cicogna worked for a variety of companies, including Consorzio Gorgonzola, Belgioioso Cheese, and Atalanta Corporation. She was very important to Atalanta Corporation, as she was one of the people who got their specialty foods division started.

Ms. Cicogna attributes her success to the fact that she is always frank and honest. She would advise the younger generations to follow her example in that regard, as well as to always be polite.

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