Boriana Arguirova

Arguirova, BorianaTitle: Department Manager
Company: Morrison Hershfield
Location: Vancouver, BC Canada

After studying engineering in Sofia, Bulgaria, Boriana Arguirova chose to pursue a career in electrical design. As a woman in a man’s field, she has faced plenty of gender bias, but she has not let that deter her from succeeding, instead using it as her motivation. She enjoys the challenge of proving herself. Additionally, her commitment, dedication and time management skills have also helped lead to her success.

Over the 20 years of experience in her field, Ms. Arguirova is proud of everything she has accomplished. She has worked in a variety of sectors, including government, secret service, prisons and hospitals. She believes that the sky is the limit, and is constantly being inspired by the challenge to create something and build it to completion.

Looking to the future, she would love to see more equal opportunity in the engineering field. She knows that other industries have this problem as well, and wants to see other women fight to show that they are just as capable as men. Further, she has also started working in the telecommunications and data centers industry, and would like to see where that will take her.

Ms. Arguirova would like to be remembered for making a change and contributing something to society. Outside of her work, she is a supporter of the Children’s Cancer Society.

Contact Boriana Arguirova:

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