Gladys Agwai, MSM

agwai-gladysTitle: Chief Executive Officer
Company: Ignite Within Transformative Coaching and Consulting
Location: Ellenwood, GA United States

Gladys Agwai worked with IBM for more than thirty years as an Executive leader who was global (US, Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya), cross-functional and industrious before deciding to make a transformative transition into entrepreneurship with Ignite Within Transformative Coaching & Consulting.  During her time in Corporate, her passion was always coaching and mentoring women, getting girls interested in technology and how to navigate through life. Ms. Agwai wanted to help them raise their standard of living, so that in return, they could raise the standard of living for their families and communities.

Ms. Agwai is a certified international coach, speaker, teacher and business strategist.  Her programs are related to self and business discovery, leadership values and transformative transitions in life, business and career along with business strategy consulting.  As an expert in leadership and transformative transitions, she is able to help her clients take action and achieve sustainable success. She empowers her clients to “lead with the perspective of being globally competitive.”

Her work with IBM won Ms. Agwai a number of awards, including IBM Top People Manager, IBM Top Sales Contributor and a number of leadership awards. In addition to Ignite Within, she is a member of the National Association for Women Business Owners, the National Association for Professional Women and the Women’s Entrepreneurial Opportunity Program.

Ms. Agwai sees only one goal in her future: globally developing, enabling, and empowering women to help themselves to then help others.

Contact Gladys Agwai:

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