Anne Juge

Juge, AnneTitle: Owner, Chief Executive Officer
Company: Borealis Language Academy
Location: Metairie, LA United States

Backed by more than 30 years of practice perfecting her keen eye for high-end luxury goods and artwork, Anne Juge is now the owner and chief executive officer of the Louisiana-based luxury retail item and artwork provider, Antiques of Paris. Her collection offers a variety of lavish selections from vintage Hermes, Baccarat and Lalique to French porcelain and signed artwork to furniture, bronzes and photographs. It also offers furniture pieces made out of luxury woods from Louisiana, especially sinker cypress wood. In her position, she was responsible for the creation and launch of the company’s new website—which features her own photographs—and the selection of fine and beautiful items for the shop’s collection.

 Ms. Juge became involved in her profession following the encouragement of her father, who was a senior executive at Sears. Previous to opening Antiques of Paris, she was in charge of managing retail operations at the American Embassy, as well as a luxury goods buyer, both in Paris, France. She attributes her many years of success to the exposure she received from working internationally, as well as her awareness of the environment, her high level of taste and her constant focus on self-improvement. Looking to the future, she hopes her success will continue in her newest project, as well as for the expansion and growth of Antiques of Paris.

In addition to the work with her store, she also acts as an agent for models and a vocalist from Germany. She also represents Keith and Jerene Sykes, who are the current owners of the Perry Collection, which is made up of artwork by the artist Edward H Perry.

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