Eva Grant

Title: Owner
Company: Grant Carswell Boutique
Location: Tampa, FL United States

Eva Grant spent more than 20 years in health care, with eight years in hospice, before deciding to spread her wings and open her own business. The result was Grant Carswell Boutique, a home décor boutique that sells lamps, lanterns, candles, candle holders, oils, oil warmers, kitchen accessories and other home decor and outdoor accessories.

Ms. Grant has always enjoyed helping others. Although she loves running her own business, she still takes the opportunity to help those in need if need be. With her unique experiences in both health care and business, her greatest strengths are that she is personable, loves to interact with others and always works to make life better for her clients and customers. She hopes to be remembered as the type of woman who helped to improve the lives of others.

The biggest challenge Ms. Grant has faced in her career path so far has been working to gain recognition in her company. She is currently working on branding both herself and her business, as well as trying to expand her client base. Ms. Grant also hopes to become more involved in community outreach. To prepare for her professional journey, she earned a Bachelor of Science in natural medicine from Everglades University.

Aside from owning Grant Carswell Boutique, Ms. Grant also works for Avon to help supplement her income. When she is not working, she enjoys meditating, traveling and walking. She also participates in a walk for breast cancer.

Contact Eva Grant:

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