Liz Marie Childs

Childs, LizTitle: Director
Company: Kiarma Designs
Location: Captain Creek, QLD Australia

Inspired by her parents’ good example and the work she does within her community, Liz Marie Childs currently serves as the director of Kiarma Designs. In her role, she is responsible for managing and counseling both children and adults from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Generally, this involves drug and alcohol rehabilitation, relationship and family therapy, foster care assessments and dealing with domestic violence and sexual assault. Ms. Childs is in charge of managing and developing group therapy sessions, art therapy programs, cultural camps and one-on-one counseling sessions. She also develops corporate networks between different indigenous communities within the Queensland region and beyond.

Ms. Childs holds a bachelor’s degree in contemporary indigenous Australian art and just completed a master’s degree in social work. She also has a graduate certificate in Wiradjuri language, culture and heritage, and diplomas in community service work and Aboriginal family and community counseling. In addition to her extensive education and knowledge, Ms. Childs is also very skilled at listening and communicating.

As a woman in today’s world, Ms. Childs feels that staying up-to-date and having a good supervisor has contributed to her success.  She also feels that her upbringing has influenced her interest in social work, as both her parents were missionaries. Looking to the future, she wants to host more events, hold more healing camps, and teach more about spiritual healing.

Ms. Childs hopes to be remembered as someone who always tried her best, no matter what challenges she faced. Her commitment to bettering and healing her community has not gone unnoticed. She has received a number of community service awards, including a certificate of merit for good service from the Government General. Outside of her work, she enjoys many different outdoor activities, including camping, rock climbing, hiking and kayaking and abseiling. She also paints and exhibits her own art work, sculptures and jewelry to clients both in Australia and overseas. Further, Ms. Childs supports breast cancer and leukemia foundations, Royal Flying Doctors, the Rural Fire Brigade, and a number of local Queensland groups.

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