Elisabeth Menning

Menning, ElisabethTitle: Lead Regulatory Analyst
Company: Northern Indiana Public Service Company
Location: Merrillville, IN United States

Elisabeth Menning prides herself on being a “jack of all trades.” Her background in engineering and computer programming, coupled with her people and problem solving skills, have allowed her to flourish in the many positions she has held. Currently, she is the lead regulatory analyst for Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO). Ms. Menning has also run her own business since 1999, Aikido of Northern Indiana, where she serves as the dojo-owner and lead instructor. Furthermore, she is also the founder and director of the Shugyo Cultural Center, Inc., which empowers people of all ages to lead more fulfilling and meaningful lives through aikido and other similar methods.

In preparation for her career, Ms. Menning studied mechanical engineering at Stanford University, but transferred to the University of Texas, Austin to study aerospace engineering after attending a work tour with NASA-JSC. She also completed graduate work in planetary geology. She began working as a temp for NIPSCO, but was soon promoted and held a variety of positions until she became the lead regulatory analyst. She enjoys the utility industry because it allows her to utilize her many skills efficiently and proactively.

Ms. Menning is always looking to challenge herself. She believes her greatest strengths to be programming spreadsheets, project management, leadership development, strategic planning and research. Professionally, she hopes to continue moving into leadership positions and work on coordinating teams.

To stay on top of developments in her field, Ms. Menning maintains affiliation with the Women’s International Network of Utility Professionals and DAWN, a women’s resource group within the company. Outside of her work, she is constantly being inspired by nature, her love of life and her relationship with her husband. In her leisure, she enjoys canoeing, camping, kayaking and reading.

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