Michele M. Forbes

Title: School Library and Information Technologist
Company: Western Wayne School District
Location: Moscow, PA United States

After volunteering in the library while in high school, Michele Forbes fell in love with the profession. She pursued that passion, and is currently serving as the school library and information technologist at Western Wayne School District. There, her responsibilities include directing library users to standard references, organizing and maintaining periodicals, preparing volumes for binding, handling inter-library loan requests, preparing invoices, performing routine cataloging and coding of library materials, and retrieving information from computer databases.

Ms. Forbes prepared for her career by earning a Master of Education from Mansfield University in 2003, a Bachelor of Science in education from Millersville University in 1990, and a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in library sciences and information technology from Mile Hill University. Over the years, she has developed expertise in helping students with resources, and hopes to increase her work with the community so they have more interaction with the library system moving forward.

When Ms. Forbes isn’t working, she enjoys reading, gardening, walking with her daughter, crafting, sewing, making jewelry, crocheting and baking. She is also a member of the St. Thomas More Catholic Parish, the Pennsylvania School Libraries Association, and Phi Lambda Theta, and supports the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging.

Contact Michele Forbes:

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