Angela Brady

Brady, AngelaTitle: Recruiting Coordinator
Company: PruittHealth
Location: Atlanta, GA United States

After being in the information technology field for 23 years, Angela Brady was given the opportunity to use those skills within the human resources and recruiting departments of PruittHealth. As she grew in that role, she found she really enjoys benefiting the company in its hiring processes. Ms. Brady is particularly proud of the fact that she built the first Citrix server for the health care company, allowing better communication within the different divisions of the company and ensuring that employees are kept informed of changes. She hopes to continue to grow and learn as much as she can about her new field.

While Ms. Brady was involved with information technology, she often found that she was the only woman in the room. Although it was challenging to have to be so competitive, she also saw it as an advantage, as she learned early on how to communicate better with all types of people. It has enabled her to become more well-rounded; people are comfortable speaking with her. Looking to the future, Ms. Brady hopes to be remembered for going the extra mile to help others.

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