Debra Bartz

Bartz, DebraTitle: 1) Owner 2) Captain, Airbus 320
Company: 1) Learn Conquer Soar Coaching 2) United Airlines
Location: Clayton, CA United States

Debra Bartz has been a pilot since 1982, when she started a career with the U.S. Air Force. Through this position, she developed a resilient nature and a determination to overcome any obstacle thrown her way. Since then, Ms. Bartz has transitioned to becoming a holistic health and life practitioner for her own business, Learn Soar Conquer Coaching, where she is tasked with coaching clients and writing blogs on her knowledge and experiences.

Ms. Bartz became involved in her profession because she wanted to make a difference in people’s lives as a holistic practitioner in life and health. She prepared for this career by receiving a Master of Science from Golden Gate University. She is also a board certified holistic practitioner, a certified transformational coach and a hormone trained specialist. Her career as a pilot has taught her how to overcome any and all negativity in order to find success and bring positivity to the world. Similarly, she uses this idea to help her clients. She prides herself in being able to help her clients “make sense of the details in [their lives].”

Ms. Bartz attributes her success to her leadership skills and her ability to take action with both persistence and tenacity, traits she learned while trying to make it in the world of aviation. Her illustrious military career has been recognized with a number of military ribbons. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Women and Women Military Aviators, Inc.

Looking to the future of Learn Conquer Soar Coaching, Ms. Bartz hopes to continue build the business on a global scale. Aside from her work as a life coach, she is also the captain of Airbus 320 for United Airlines and an independent distributor for Bemer products.

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