Chantal Pereira

Pereira, ChantalTitle: Life and Strategy Coach
Company: BetterMe Management
Location: Owings Mills, MD United States

As a woman in today’s world, Chantal Pereira attributes her success with BetterMe Management to her faith and perseverance. BetterMe Management is dedicated to offering quality human resources and strategic planning outsourcing solutions to its clients. Every consultant at the company works as an extension of the individual, business or nonprofit organization they are representing in order to best promote and serve the clients’ needs. They provide a variety of services, including business programs and courses, consulting and virtual HR.

As a life and strategy coach, Ms. Pereira is responsible for working with women and men to help them discern their purpose, as well as develop their writing, speaking and  business skills. She has an extensive background in HR and management, and her greatest accomplishment to date has been helping her previous company in a $94 million acquisition and helping, mentoring and coaching groups of girls and new mothers. Looking to the future of BetterMe Management, she hopes to continue to grow the business, brand and marketing.

When she is not working, Ms. Pereira enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and community outreach. She is also a member of the Society of Human Resource Management and the National Association of Professional Women, and sits on the Board of Directors for the Night of Peace homeless shelter.

Contact Chantal Pereira:

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