Carol Ann Fletcher

Fletcher, CarolTitle: Office Manager
Company: Brookline Dentistry
Location: Berkley, MI United States

Carol Ann Fletcher has 35 years of experience in business management, 32 of which have been spent as the office manager for Dr. Alan Cirilli’s dental clinic, Brookline Dentistry, in Berkley, Michigan. Despite only receiving a high school education, she completed vocational training in dentistry, earning certification in oral sedation, oral implants, oral x-rays and the design of dental crowns. Additionally, Ms. Fletcher is certified in office management and accounting. To remain on top of changes in her field, she maintains affiliation with the American Association of Dental Office Managers.

In her current position, Ms. Fletcher is responsible for handling day-to-day administrative and office duties like answering phone calls, billing patients, dealing with accounting matters and ensuring everyone is doing their job. In addition, she also helps to design crowns on the CEREC machine. Looking to the upcoming years, Ms. Fletcher hopes that she will have earned a sufficient amount of income so that she can peacefully retire.

Ms. Fletcher attributes her success to her ability to multitask and her desire to learn and overcome challenges. She is separated by others in her field by her passion and dedication. She loves have the skills and ability to help run a business. She has also had the fortunate opportunity to travel to different venues for conferences, which she considers to be one of the main highlights of her career. Additionally, she stays current in her field and industry by attending training sessions and reading relevant publications.

Outside of her work, Ms. Fletcher enjoys golfing and bowling.

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