Shirley Miller-Lee

Title: President, Chief Executive Officer
Company: First Materials & Tech Inc.
Location: Cameron, TX United States

Born in South Africa, Shirley Miller-Lee lived there until 1977, when she immigrated to the United States. A few years later, she married her husband, Charles Miller, and they started First Materials & Tech Inc., a company that specializes in stabilizing soil materials, medical waste and environmental cleanup. When her husband passed away in 1998, she continued to successfully manage the business of four locations and more than 20 employees.

Since the company’s inception, Ms. Miller-Lee has acted as First Material’s president, chief executive officer and chief financial officer. She is responsible for handling the administration and accounting of the company, as well as managing day-to-day strategy, marketing, business plans and trajectories. When discussing the near future, she says she hopes to increase both the export and local business sides of First Materials & Tech.

Outside of maintaining a successful career and business, Ms. Miller-Lee’s greatest accomplishment to date is her children and family. Every day, she is inspired by the memory of her late husband. She wants to be remembered as an achiever in business, but also as someone who was always respectful and never took anything for granted. Ms. Miller-Lee is a member of Rotary International and a three-time recipient of the Rotary Paul Harris Award. She is also a member of the Cameron Chamber of Commerce, The Lions Club, the Cameron History Club and a lifetime member of the Jewish Hadassah.

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