Sharon Pazolt

Pazolt, SharonTitle: Independent Distributor, Diamond Coach
Company: Team Beach Body
Location: Delray Beach, FL United States

A woman who enjoys helping others, Sharon Pazolt is the independent distributor and diamond coach for her health and nutrition company, Team Beach Body, in Delray Beach, Florida. The company offers weight loss, fitness, health and nutrition services to its clients. In her role, Ms. Pazolt is responsible for meeting with clients, both in person and online, coaching new distributors and overseeing business operations.

Ms. Pazolt became involved in her profession because she wanted to have the freedom of running her own business, as well as fulfill her desire to help others meet their goals and feel good about themselves. She is also very passionate about nutrition and exercising. Ms. Pazolt is currently pursuing certification in personal training and nutrition and weight loss so that she can better assist her clients. She has every intention of continuing to build Team Beach Body so that she can continue changing lives.

Professionally, Ms. Pazolt is very proud that she was able to start her own business. Personally, she views her children as her greatest accomplishment, as they have grown up to be very responsible and successful. She wants to be remembered as a kind and caring woman who had a sense of humor, a positive attitude and was loyal to everyone she met, as well as for her commitment to making people feel good about themselves. When Ms. Pazolt is not working, she enjoys personal development and spirituality audios and readings, spending time with her children and grandchildren and growing old with her husband.

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