Vie de Rouvray

de Rouvray, Vie 3Title: Visionary Healer, Writer and Musician
Company: Bio Institute of Light and Sound Therapy
Location: Orlando, FL United States

Born to the French aristocracy on the island of Caledonia, Vie de Rouvray has since become an expert in holistic healing.  In January 1987, she experienced a dramatic shift in consciousness that led to a series of lifestyle changes that ultimately resulted in her creating the mind, body and spirit healing company, Bio Institute of Light and Sound Therapy. There, Ms. de Rouvray is responsible for developing the business and handling the large clientele bases. She must also brand and market her services, which include using her gifts and expertise to heal people metaphysically, often demonstrating light and sound therapy to others as well. Further, she has also been guided to write and create music with the language of light.

Ms. de Rouvray truly began her healing mission when she helped a colleague who was on prescription drugs. He was hungry, blind and in a constant foggy state of mind, so she nourished him and helped him detox from his medication for four months. She then continued to expand her business and heal those in need, and along the way, she began to understand the importance of balancing one’s body, mind and spirit, a lesson she now passes on to her clients. In addition to her work as a healer, Ms. de Rouvray has authored a number of books, ranging in topics from natural healing to Christianity to theory thrillers. She has also created and produced a healing CD, which can be purchased at the Bio Institute of Light and Sound.

Another noteworthy achievement in Ms. de Rouvray’s career was the creation of Bio-Qi TM therapy, an exclusive, novel form of therapy in the holistic health care industry offered through the Bio Institute of Light and Sound. She developed it to bridge the gap of the new era for growth purpose, guiding others from the 3D to 5D. In 3 sessions of 90 minutes, it gets her clients aligned with their blueprint so they can discover their path, purpose and destiny. To do this, it activates the natural healing process and restores physical and emotional well-being by stimulating the immune system, erasing pain, raising and adjusting the body frequency, clearing the etheric body (aura), balancing the chakras (vortexes of energy), erasing the unnecessary emotions and re-encoding the DNA. It also encompasses intuitive Reiki, hypnotherapy, light acupuncture, light craniosacral, light blood, and DNA cleaning. Essentially, Bio-Qi therapy combines bio-light waves with sacred geometry, sound, and the language of the light that she speaks, as well as chants and hand-signs to balance the body’s natural processes, all without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. The institute also forgoes the use of drugs in bio-stimulation – a tested form of therapy that seeks to enhance the body’s inherent ability to repair itself, and ward off the effects of harmful substances while also maintaining a healthy metabolism. This is achieved through the use of light therapy, which increases blood circulation, diffuses inflammation, relieves pain, and stimulates cellular activity and growth. As a testament to the success of their healing procedures, the Bio Institute has won the alternative medicine Hall of Fame award in Orlando.

In the upcoming years, Ms. de Rouvray intends to continue to grow her business and heal those who need her help. She wants to show others how spiritual growth can ultimately better their lives in the long run.

de Rouvray, Vie 2 de Rouvray, Vie

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