Barbara J. Henry

Henry, BarbaraTitle: Founder, President
Company: RaineBoe Productions, A Publishing Co.
Location: River Forest, IL United States

Barbara J. Henry has loved writing ever since she was a young girl, when she kept a journal and wrote poetry. Following her gift, she spent years serving as a high school English teacher before retiring early to pursue her true passion of writing and speaking. The result of this pursuit was RaineBoe Productions, A Publishing Co., which was created in 2007 to accommodate the writings and other intellectual properties of Ms. Henry. Through her company, she has written and published two books, “Journaling: Twenty Plus Reasons Why You Should Start Now,” and “Coming Full Circle,” and is working on a third. Ms. Henry is also available as a dynamic and motivating public speaker, and as a small-business consultant.

As a woman in today’s world, Ms. Henry attributes her success to her mother’s encouragement. She is also a skilled problem-solver, organizer, reader and persuasive writer. Ms. Henry considers her greatest accomplishment to be growing into her own self-confidence and helping others, and hopes to be remembered as kind, intelligent, and considerate. Moving forward, she looks forward to becoming a highly-valued writer and speaker and traveling the world encouraging people to become one with God. Along her journey, Ms. Henry, always in the pursuit of knowledge, earned a JD from John Marshall Law School.

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